entertainmentAvatours Travel Service focuses on efficient travel management for individuals and teams on tour: DJs, bands and orchestras, dance and theatre companies, photo shootings, TV and movie productions as well as major sports teams. Smooth traveling for stars, staff and stuff requires a special planning and exceptional flexibility. An expertise Avatours has gained in many years of serving music agencies, labels and promoters as a travel management partner for individual performances, round trips and extensive tours.

Bookings Worldwide

Travel, accommodation and transportation in 180 countries

  • Scheduled flights and private jet transfers
  • Train rides and boat trips
  • Car hire, private cars, chauffeur services
  • Hotels, resorts and apartments
  • Cargo and freight forwarding services

Cost Sharing

Shared Flights and other cost-sharing arrangements for round trips.

  • Distribution of travel expenses to various promoters and partners according to your specifications.

Travel Planning

Tour management consulting and implementation of travel policies

  • Budget compliant or best price
  • Plane, train and ship classes, rental car and hotel categories
  • Punctuality and safety standards
  • Extraordinary journey times and hotel check-in times
  • Service standards according to the hospitality rider
  • Health, environmental and safety standards

Cost Management

Realization of group rates

  • Special conditions for airlines, car rental companies, hotel operators, etc.
  • Business class and first class specials
  • Flexible payment options in multiple currencies and payment channels

Service for regular customers

  • Visa procurement
  • Travel insurance
  • Planning of entry formalities
  • Security expertise and procurement of security services
  • Recruitment, venues and material at destination
  • Premium service for premium customers

Management support for accounting and controlling